I am many things…a wife, mom, soon to be teacher, lover,lesbian. All those words describe me. I am married 07/06/07 to W who is now my wife. Yeah I married a woman. If you have a problem with that then don’t read my blog. It’s that simple. We currently have 6 kids living with us. Five are ours between the two of us and the last one is ours for a year until he graduates.

I have anxiety, I live with it everyday. I now control it, it doesn’t control me. PTSD survivor. I am me. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I cry at movies, people winning cars on the Price is Right. I like to watch birds, and no I do not wear Birkenstocks with white socks.That is for the tourists to do. I like to take pictures of everything, mostly weather sometimes my wife’s behind. I find it sexy. In my past life I wanted to be a meteorologist. Instead I am going to teach.


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