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Moving on…

November 30, 2011

So it’s been awhile….no need to go through everything….so bullets work…

  • We moved in July to CC. Our other house in I we are selling….renters for the moment there….long crazy time
  • We have 2 high schoolers and 1 5th grader, oldest 2 in college
  • J is still teaching at high school
  • I am here enjoying the ability to participate more
  • I am walking away from Master’s degree….I don’t like it….

Watching Parenthood last night hit a nerve that I thought was dead….they part where the bf talks about having a baby and I teared up…why? Not sure a fleeting moment of wish we would have more time to decide and not live in a backward state. Yes we have 5 and love all of them…but still at rare occasions wish we could have maybe one more….it’s not happening and I am really ok with it. You know hormonal time of the month tends to make you sappy….

We are not decorated for Christmas and I think I am ready to go nuts….as yes flood in garage back in Oct ruined tree and lights but we did not know until we tried to put it up..

I think that’s it for now..later