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Craziness and more craziness….

February 16, 2010

Let’s do some bullets here….

  • I am taking 2 grad classes and they are fun the professor is an ass and no one else teaches this degree….sigh
  • I have early stages of Hashimoto disease- a thyroid disorder in which your body attacks itself…sounds grand doesn’t it?
  • Liz is driving us nuts being home right now. The poor me syndrome is annoying as all f’ing hell.
  • Jo and I are doing well….we didn’t do VD this year….felt odd but damn I love her more than one day a year.
  • Found some old rolls of film and one of them was from Thanksgiving 2000, I don’t remember that week in RI except I missed the hell out of Jo.
  • I am tired people probably more than I have been in a long time and its not from depression….more from my thyroid problems
  • We are going to change our last names to Jo’s maiden name….I don’t want to go back to mine because of past abuse, my current last name has had some abuse issues as well….so maybe you understand the nervousness of changing again. I want to have the same last name as hers…it’s time.
  • I want to work….I want more out of life and something for me….staying home is not enough anymore at times and just plain crazy other times to even think of it.
  • I want to MOVE!! I have been here long enough….I want the thorn of our lives out period. This is meaning more than 1 person.