New Year and lots looming

It is the start of a new year and a new decade. I have lingering doctor appts to go to as well as an ultrasound on Tues on my liver and spleen. I am emotionally and physically exhausted right now. I am battling a horrible head cold right now and I feel like shit.

I am 41 now…ten years older than I was in 2000. So much has happened in this past decade….

I am now a certified teacher!

I now have 2 kids in college.

I went through a marriage, divorce, and happily remarried.

I have lived in Texas over 10 yrs.

I think I am finally in a place that I am happy in daily life.

Things are not always rosy and I cant expect them to be. Jo and I have been through some very hard times on and off. The last couple of months have been extremely stressful at times and the stress will carry over into the new year. We just have so much going on these next couple of weeks it will be stressful for a bit.

Hang on and on we go.


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    this mom Says:

    I’m getting caught up on blog reading and just saw this. You have had quite a decade, but the statement that you are “finally in a place that you are happy” is very telling. Stress is rough and it takes a toll on even the best of relationships. Stay focused and I hope that your 2010 is full of the good stuff.

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