The S Word

No its not the Lword or the Fword is the S word as in sex. No we are not suffering lesbian death bed syndrome, nor the don’t touch me or fighting stage. We are thrown for now into an abyss of unknown waters. Jo has arthritis…in her hips from what we know right now. She also has a had vitamin D deficit. They gave her some steriod shots for her hips and she has been taken a high dose of vitamin D to get her bad to normal range. You would think this would lead to a great improvement….no it has been the opposite. It has led to more pain for her WTF?! and a great turn in the s department.

It’s not a lack of want….it’s a lack of not knowing if the pain will kick in while having fun. Very frustrating and very hard to communicate without the what the hell is going on feeling. Lots of unanswered questions….I have seen more pain since the shots and vit d started. Is it a side effect of the shots she did have some side effects for awhile and that went away but this new pain while making love is the stink bomb from hell.

I am frustrated with this whole thing. I feel she did better when nothing was being done. Pain at times yes but not this bad. Will be back later.


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