On our mom’s some have been sharing their dreams or what their kids dreams have been. I think I have been more quiet with mine because I know the reason, My daughter graduates this week from high school. My dreams? Being pregnant again. Vivid, and fun Jo and I excited to bring a new life into this world. Reality? It won’t happen and I am fine with that. I will be 41 later this year and I love children, I do. I also love my wife and the kids we have now. In the two serious relationships I have had I don’t know what it feels like to have just spouse time all the time and no kids. That in itself is not a bad thing just something I can see on the horizon someday.

I know that’s why I harp on alone time at times. It gives me a glimpse of what we are alike without kids and we can survive. With my x I was pregnant when we got married and we never had the chance to build a relationship just as a couple. Jo and I had the chance to be friends….we were both going to school and had the free time to build a luxury not many are able to have.

Back to pregnancy dreams…..I know that dreaming about having babies is to fill a void in your life which for me right now is the graduating of the oldest 2 and them moving on to college. More adult=less help from Mom. In essence this is a great thing they are in their childhood adult years in college to grow and learn. For me it’s a huge adjustment…and I will adjust…it just will take time.


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