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The S Word

June 19, 2009

No its not the Lword or the Fword is the S word as in sex. No we are not suffering lesbian death bed syndrome, nor the don’t touch me or fighting stage. We are thrown for now into an abyss of unknown waters. Jo has arthritis…in her hips from what we know right now. She also has a had vitamin D deficit. They gave her some steriod shots for her hips and she has been taken a high dose of vitamin D to get her bad to normal range. You would think this would lead to a great improvement….no it has been the opposite. It has led to more pain for her WTF?! and a great turn in the s department.

It’s not a lack of want….it’s a lack of not knowing if the pain will kick in while having fun. Very frustrating and very hard to communicate without the what the hell is going on feeling. Lots of unanswered questions….I have seen more pain since the shots and vit d started. Is it a side effect of the shots she did have some side effects for awhile and that went away but this new pain while making love is the stink bomb from hell.

I am frustrated with this whole thing. I feel she did better when nothing was being done. Pain at times yes but not this bad. Will be back later.



June 8, 2009

I don’t normally post about a particular person but Lynne is an exception. Lynne past away the end of May and we only received the news last week. She was more than our hairdresser she was family. We had the pleasure of being customers for over 8 years and she had a hell of a way of cutting our hair just right.

She always spoke her mind whether she agreed with us  or not. Many times she just listened and went on….never had a problem with Jo and I, in fact her favorite saying was I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you all decided to be together. She genuinely cared about her customers….something you don’t see much these days.

We in turn were always willing to wait to get out haircuts by her. It seemed odd for anyone else to do it. She is part of our family, even now in spirit.

RIP Lynne you are loved and missed.


June 2, 2009

On our mom’s some have been sharing their dreams or what their kids dreams have been. I think I have been more quiet with mine because I know the reason, My daughter graduates this week from high school. My dreams? Being pregnant again. Vivid, and fun Jo and I excited to bring a new life into this world. Reality? It won’t happen and I am fine with that. I will be 41 later this year and I love children, I do. I also love my wife and the kids we have now. In the two serious relationships I have had I don’t know what it feels like to have just spouse time all the time and no kids. That in itself is not a bad thing just something I can see on the horizon someday.

I know that’s why I harp on alone time at times. It gives me a glimpse of what we are alike without kids and we can survive. With my x I was pregnant when we got married and we never had the chance to build a relationship just as a couple. Jo and I had the chance to be friends….we were both going to school and had the free time to build a luxury not many are able to have.

Back to pregnancy dreams…..I know that dreaming about having babies is to fill a void in your life which for me right now is the graduating of the oldest 2 and them moving on to college. More adult=less help from Mom. In essence this is a great thing they are in their childhood adult years in college to grow and learn. For me it’s a huge adjustment…and I will adjust…it just will take time.

Blogging for GBLT Families 2009

June 1, 2009

4th annual


It’s the 4th annual blogging for GBLT families. I am onboard this year, I think it is insane at times we have to constantly defend our families because we are different.I am Kerry and 40. I am in my final stages of getting my certification in Special Edcuation.I have a wife Jo who is 36 and is also a teacher. We met almost 10 years ago at a Christmas Party neither of us wanted to attend! Out of that party a friendship started that evnetually blossomed into something I never expected.We have been through much to get where we are today and I am crazy about her. It was a long hard emotional journey and we have certinaly had our pitfalls along the way. I feel like we are a normal everday couple with kids.  We brought 5 kids with us into this family. We were married in July 2007 in MA. Right now we are still living in TX with the economy and us both working in the Education field we are here until things come around again.

I don’t blog often but now that summer has arrived there is more open time. We have older kids R is 19, L is 17, N is 15, K is 12 and C is 8. The older 3 are my bio kids and K and C are Jo’s kids. Our kids have been together long enough that if you tell them they are not siblings they will correct you! R is in college L will graduate later this week. Our family is in transition while we move from having all at home to some starting to leave the nest. This would probably explain all the pregnancy dreams I have had lately.

We travel like everyone else does. We have been to RI, MA,IA,KS,MO,FL,ME,NH and closer places here in TX. Disney and our getting married have been our 2 major vacations. We have driven and flown with all 5 of them and have suvived our own wild tales. They have memories of doing things. They don’t think of it as when we had 2 same sex parents we went to…..

We as in the GBLT COMMUNITY have made strides in legalizing marriages…..I want the same benefits as other married couples…I want to visit her and not worry if something happens we need a ton of paperwork….I want to be able to file as a couple because we are….we have children who are fine with who we are.

I am hoping in our lifetime that we will see basic equality….the rights as our married couples no more than what others already have

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