Vacation week

Well vacation is here and almost gone……it has been relaxing…..I think. Well the process of moving has been turned up some. Job fairs are coming soon and it looks like Austin is the place to be. Thats where we want to go Austin.

I ache inside to think we may have to stay here longer but not foolish enough to go if there is no job. W is struggling to move. As a child she moved OFTEN and ended up attending 18 different schools. Do I understand fully? In some ways yes, she likes the security of what we have. I get that, I do. She wants our kids to have that security and they do. We have had our tough times like every couple does, but we have gotten through it.

Moving is stressful, very stressgul as anyone knows. I would miss here in a heartbeat…the ocean. It has been a part of my life since I was a baby. I drive over it everyday and see it everyday…it is a source of stress relief.

If we were to ever move out of state I would love to go to Maine. It’s beautiful!



  1. 1
    holly Says:

    Sorry about the changes. Best of luck!
    I totally think you should move to New England!

  2. 2
    Mo Says:

    Just found your blog! Contemplating moving would really stress me out. If you want me to add you to my “invited” list, I think you need to send me your e-mail. I finally added one to the profile in my blog.

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