and your point is…

I came across one of the other blogs I read where this person was discussing that people always think she and her partner are sisters and they are say they are not. She then decided to switch to the word wife and has gotten some progress with that.

I call W my wife because legally in some places she is. We are married. The funniest thing I hear is that people tell me they are okay with that. I have noticed this is a re-occuring problem lately. I know when I tell someone I in fact have a wife what are they going to do tell me I don’t like that? That in a sense would be like me telling someone that I am okay with them being short but maybe they should grow some so I will feel better. This is my point people…I understand that people will be surprised at first…but they are okay with what exactly? Do they immediately think of us having sex? If they do then then is pretty shallow. We don’t drool all over each other. We hold hands occasionally. What about the deep throaters in the malls? Does anyone ever say anything? Nope. If it’s outside the “norm” then everyone gets in a tizzy.

How do you define “norm”? I see it mostly comes from the religious point of view.Christian mostly. We have many different religions here and to base the norm on one is not normal period. We live in a time where religion is a part of many lives and it should be. It should NOT be part of making decisions in the government. To make a decision for the good of the people should be it. Not based on what the bible may say. People left England many years ago to escape religious presecution. Aren’t we doing the same thing here when telling a group of people they cannot be married because of the bible? The word bible may not be used but it is the founding bias for our presecution. People should not be based on someone’s religion. It is written into our constitution separation of church and state.

So I am really thinking next time someone says I am ok with that I will say and your point is…


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