On we go…

as Rosie would say….life is flying these days. Feb was a blur of people being sick..including the moms here. Thankfully not at the same time but the only bad thing with that is it cuts into normal time.We have spring break starting in about 10 days woohoo….

I have mentioned before I/we are so ready to move…..but the economy is not helping matters at all….so it is in our best interest not to right now….even in teaching if the budget is cut the last hired is the first fired…sigh I want out of here…to the point where I feel irritated knowing we have to stay….or more like it crying. I am tired of not having any kind of network here you must hide….it SUCKS guys…and chokes who you believe you are….not that I scream hey guess what I am but damn…..if you want to hold your wifes hand I dont want the “look” or someone is ok with it. With what? Would you tell somone who was disabled I am ok with watching you use a wheelchair…come on…yes can you tell I am sick of it?!


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