A new week

So it’s Sunday and a new week beginning. I used to go to church every Sunday…..until I met W and everything I believed in came unraveled. I believed at one time gay people would rot in hell……well not anymore!

You get caught up in the doctrine and learn to read where the supposed hell burning scripture is…and then you read another persons point of view in favor of God loves everyone including who I am now.

I am a person who happens to love another woman. That does not define who I am. We are individuals all of us. I don’t need others to chant to me what would happen to me if I don’t follow their rules.

Most demoninations have rules to follow. Who is to say that these rules are right and wrong? I find that is the biggest problem with today’s religion. People get so caught up in certain verses and rules that the true meaning of a church is lost. Everyone who belongs is a part of that church community. Everyone should be welcome period. Forget the stupid rules and verses people. Let’s face it Jesus did not hang with the rich and the mighty.. he hung with the hurt the poor and the outcasts and people loved him for it. Isn’t that what church should be about…really living God’s word which is to love others and not cast the first stone because no one is perfect. Maybe if we get back to simple basics the world would not be so complicated.

I miss the community of church. I would love to find other same sex families that my children could talk with and be part of a fun church. It does not exist where I live but maybe someday it will. That is a part of my life I miss…but I won’t go back until I am accepted. No strings attached.


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    Go check out a UUA (Unitarian Universalist) church. I think you might find it meets some or all of your needs.

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