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Hey it’s Friday!

January 30, 2009

Well when I thought that things would be boring when I was going to be home this semester I was a bit off….we have had alot of little stuff going on overall but I am still missing the everyday interaction of talking to others….It is leaving me feeling pissier and that I feel alone feeling. I hate this feeling…student teaching I interacted all day. That is what I miss the most..sure I can do laundry and whatever but there is still just me here. There is not much to do around here or hell the whole area..sigh not much fun here for me. I am BORED and this makes me feel restless.I need to find something to do but with interaction my mission for the next couple of weeks.



January 24, 2009

Yup I am spouseless until tomorrow night. W is off to a housewarming party for someone she used to work with. She lives out of town and there are 11 others going.So it’s ok when she gets back there will most likely be fireworks lol!!

 We still have not gotten any weekend free time as of yet and I really want one!! The last we had was NOT fun so I want a weekend to replace the memory of the last one….sigh. Patience is not always fun esp when you really want it to happen.

I want to move

January 19, 2009

I want to move. I love our house and our land but I am really starting to hate the repression of our lives. Can’t go here or else you could lose your job. Can’t be active in community because of xyz. I am just plain sick of it.

The reason why not to move our jobs. We are both teachers and the first thing to be cut in  a recession is education and teachers get laid off. I am just in a mood lately. I want a fresh start and it looks like we need to ride the recession out a bit. It just S.U.C.K.S. Now I know there maybe one person here who is sick of moving and I don’t blame her.

A new week

January 18, 2009

So it’s Sunday and a new week beginning. I used to go to church every Sunday…..until I met W and everything I believed in came unraveled. I believed at one time gay people would rot in hell……well not anymore!

You get caught up in the doctrine and learn to read where the supposed hell burning scripture is…and then you read another persons point of view in favor of God loves everyone including who I am now.

I am a person who happens to love another woman. That does not define who I am. We are individuals all of us. I don’t need others to chant to me what would happen to me if I don’t follow their rules.

Most demoninations have rules to follow. Who is to say that these rules are right and wrong? I find that is the biggest problem with today’s religion. People get so caught up in certain verses and rules that the true meaning of a church is lost. Everyone who belongs is a part of that church community. Everyone should be welcome period. Forget the stupid rules and verses people. Let’s face it Jesus did not hang with the rich and the mighty.. he hung with the hurt the poor and the outcasts and people loved him for it. Isn’t that what church should be about…really living God’s word which is to love others and not cast the first stone because no one is perfect. Maybe if we get back to simple basics the world would not be so complicated.

I miss the community of church. I would love to find other same sex families that my children could talk with and be part of a fun church. It does not exist where I live but maybe someday it will. That is a part of my life I miss…but I won’t go back until I am accepted. No strings attached.

well ok so not every day…

January 12, 2009

Well everyday does not work, so I backtrack on that and go forward from here. So how was your weekend? Ours was not bad. I drove out to an exhibition soccer game Fri. night to spend some time with W. She was the administator for the game so we froze our buns for awhile and grabbed something for her to eat on the way back. It was fun.

There comes a time in every parents lives where there is a knock on your door asking if everything is alright because there are strange noises coming from your room. It happened to us this weekend lol.Everything is good and we go on from here. It was quite funny!

day 7 and 8

January 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday is what I can call yesterday and the drama continued into today. I think things are finally resolved and we catch a mini break.

Day 6

January 6, 2009

Day 6 is here

and my life is dear

losing weight can tough

but I have had enough

I am ready to lose

and not always snooze

Lifestyle change is hard to do

I want something new

So are you my readers old and new

Ready to something cool?

Day 5

January 5, 2009

Last day of vacation for the kids and W went back today. Thanksgiving I couldn’t wait to go back, vacation had been extremely tough. Today though I felt extremelysad when she left. It’s much harder because I am done student teaching. I am home now and not liking it much. I want the socialization I had when I was at school everyday. I don’t have that now.


January 4, 2009

Today has been a nutty day. I reacted to eating some m&m’s, I have been eating stuff I know I shouldnt and my body finally said enough.

Tonight the power has come on and off all night and it has been a nightmare.Over tired kids to add to all the fun.

Todays fun

January 3, 2009

We went to Olive Garden today to meet up with a friend of ours we have not seen in awhile. While there after we had finishing eating a waitress dropped a platter full of dirty salad plates in front our table. If there had been a person sititng in the empty chair at our table they would have been covered in salad! The noise and such made me jump put of my skin but otherwise we are all fine lol, well except maybe the empty chair. It reeked with Italien dressing when we left.