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November 21, 2008

I did not realize it has been this long since I last posted. We are on Thanksgiving vacation as of right now. I graduate 4 weeks from tomorrow. I am suffering from what could go wrong from now until then.Things have been extremely busy here. I can see how people can’t gt to their blogs everyday. Heck it’s been almost 2 months for mine.

Going through lots of growing pains….yes even at 40 I have them. I will be a teacher what to do….teach is a main thing…..grad school is another…..I feel like I need some time off………do something different for me…..not sure what. I am almost done student teaching….I am so burnt out right now….

I love teaching…the kids are so emotionally needy at times it wears you out. By Friday I feel like a zombie some weeks. The kids are tough…and omg mouthy. If we ever talked like this to our parents we would be dead right now. Alot of our kids well most of them are poverty and below….our school has 92% either free or reduced lunch. Alot of generational poverty, very common in the area. These kids are in survival mode at times…not an easy life.

I have alot of other stuff going on here that I am to tired to post now but if anyone is still reading I am still around…3 weeks of teaching left after next week.