no community=fustration

As you all know that we live in an area that has gay families but no community. I have been itching to find other families like ours but it is almost impossible to do. The reason? Job security. Sexual orientation protection does not exist here, and it. sucks. big.time. I want to start a group….but W has already been fried once from a bigatory person.It has taken over a year for her to recoop so to speak and now with me getting ready to student teach it puts us both in the spotlight. Sigh.

It stinks to high heaven and leaves us at a crossroads. What do we do? Wait it out and hope someday people will wake up and grow up? HAHAHAHAHA. Our other option is to move to a bigger city inland where we know it will be hotter but it does have a community. You can walk and hold hands and not get the LOOK.

SO that is where I stand I want to be a motivator but the cost could have serious backlash effects. Plus, we have kids and it hard enough for them at times at school. It sucks and I want it to change,but I need to find solid footing and know that if we do we can still support our family.


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    holly Says:

    I’m sorry. I wish I had a solution. We don’t have a big city type community where you can really walk around and hold hands, but we have a large community of lesbian friends.
    There are also some groups around our state that try to have get-togethers. Would that help?

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