I had someone email me and tell me I have not updated in along while….all I can say is oops…

Some things that have been going on.

  • R graduated from high school on 6/6
  • My wife’s truck decided to become an expensive fix overnight. The motherboard of the truck decided to have glitches, as in you suddenly have no gas when driving in the middle of no where when you filled up 50 miles beforehand. When you stop at a light and the a/c does not work until you drive again. The clincher? Your gay mechanic tells you to” Get rid of the bitch today” which we did.
  • We now own a lovely 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.Inferno Red is the color.
  • We celebrated our first anniversary on 7/6. I made her a video of our years together and it made her cry. That is not an easy feat to accomplish.
  • We stayed at the Omni Hotel and ate in a Restuarant at the top of the hotel. I got 17 hours of total bliss with her, no kids!


  • My daughter cracked a tooth and needed to have it pulled.
  • My wife has been working hard at summer school and all the extra money she has made so far has gone for things faster than we imagined and no that is not on fun things either sigh.
  • I survived my final 2 courses of my degree and I should graduate in Dec.
  • WOW!!

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