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The One Word Bandwagon

July 29, 2008

The One Word Bandwagon

 Borrowed this from Sassy Femme:

1. Where is your cell phone? bed
2. Your significant other? next to me
3. Your hair? dark and some gray
4. Your mother? RI
5. Your father?RI
6. Your favorite time of day? after kids go to bed
7. Your dream last night? don’t rememember
8. Your favorite drink? pepsi
9. Your dream goal? teach
10. The room you’re in? bedroom
11. Your ex? asshole
12. Your fear? abandonment
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Lesbian friendly city
14. What you are not? a quitter
15. Your Favorite meal? steak
16. One of your wish list items? Ireland
17. The last thing you did? made sandwich
18. Where you grew up? Smithfield, RI
19. What are you wearing? tmi
20. Your TV is? Great
21. Your pets? to sneezy
22. Your computer? love it
23. Your life? turbulent at the moment
24. Your mood? lost
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Your car? minivan
27. Something you’re not wearing? clothes
28. Favorite store? LL Bean
29. Your summer? to fast
30. Your favorite color? depends on the day
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. When is the last time you cried? today
33. Your health? good
34. Your children? Here and San Antonio
35. Your future? unwritten
36. Your beliefs? spiritual
37. Young or old? almost 40
38. Your image? in transition
39. Your appearance? more than I should have
40. Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? take out a major bump from childhood otherwise yes esp the part where I met W


no community=fustration

July 29, 2008

As you all know that we live in an area that has gay families but no community. I have been itching to find other families like ours but it is almost impossible to do. The reason? Job security. Sexual orientation protection does not exist here, and it. sucks. big.time. I want to start a group….but W has already been fried once from a bigatory person.It has taken over a year for her to recoop so to speak and now with me getting ready to student teach it puts us both in the spotlight. Sigh.

It stinks to high heaven and leaves us at a crossroads. What do we do? Wait it out and hope someday people will wake up and grow up? HAHAHAHAHA. Our other option is to move to a bigger city inland where we know it will be hotter but it does have a community. You can walk and hold hands and not get the LOOK.

SO that is where I stand I want to be a motivator but the cost could have serious backlash effects. Plus, we have kids and it hard enough for them at times at school. It sucks and I want it to change,but I need to find solid footing and know that if we do we can still support our family.

Dolly is coming for a visit…

July 22, 2008

and it is not Ms. Parton! Hurricane Dolly is due to arrive tomorrow for a visit….rain, wind and hopefully that’s it. I think I will post pics to show whats happening.


July 16, 2008

I had someone email me and tell me I have not updated in along while….all I can say is oops…

Some things that have been going on.

  • R graduated from high school on 6/6
  • My wife’s truck decided to become an expensive fix overnight. The motherboard of the truck decided to have glitches, as in you suddenly have no gas when driving in the middle of no where when you filled up 50 miles beforehand. When you stop at a light and the a/c does not work until you drive again. The clincher? Your gay mechanic tells you to” Get rid of the bitch today” which we did.
  • We now own a lovely 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.Inferno Red is the color.
  • We celebrated our first anniversary on 7/6. I made her a video of our years together and it made her cry. That is not an easy feat to accomplish.
  • We stayed at the Omni Hotel and ate in a Restuarant at the top of the hotel. I got 17 hours of total bliss with her, no kids!


  • My daughter cracked a tooth and needed to have it pulled.
  • My wife has been working hard at summer school and all the extra money she has made so far has gone for things faster than we imagined and no that is not on fun things either sigh.
  • I survived my final 2 courses of my degree and I should graduate in Dec.
  • WOW!!