Thanksgiving and reflection

Well here we are the night before Thanksgiving and I am sure thankful of the results from last week from W scare. She is doing much better and still getting used to the modifications she needs to do for now. I have to admit I am watching her closely and knowing I need to step back which I have done, but it’s not easy yet she knows when to stop. I have to trust that.

 One thing that came to light in our scare last week is a double heartache. If something were to happen to one of us not only would we lose a spouse but we would most likely also lose the bio kids of the person since they all have a bio dad. That would be incredibly hard to overcome for us and for the kids as well. We at some point had discussed having our own or even adopting a child. In the end we decided not to and I never really gave it a second thought until this past week…..if something happened to one of us there would still be a child from us, our relationship, our love, and commitment to each other.

 I can’t even tell you if this makes any sense, I think it comes from the what if’s of life. We have wonderful kids they are all a blessing to us. I love W’s kids as they were my own and if I lost them if something happened that makes me feel ill. I do feel at peace with the decision we made, it’s just something that has been on my mind since last week. Now that I have finally written about it I can lay it to rest.


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    Rosie Says:

    I hear you completely! Dawn and I would be in the same boat! I do know that my ex husband would allow her to remain a close part of their lives though.. even seeing the children overnight/holidays etc. but it is a hard thought o know that the entire family would be destroyed.

    Having scares like this sure makes you think and it forces you to realize how much you have to be thankful for.

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