New road first post

My other blog dealt with the time I spent trying to find me out. This blog is more about me now. I feel like I am at a crossroad with ending college next year and then deciding what to do after that. Fall is my favorite time of year and from here come the holidays.

I have a wife W who is a teacher and sexy with spike hair. Right now we are the proud parents of a 1/2 dozen kids under our roof. Our oldest R became an adult last week. 18 and wow I still can’t believe it. M is our adopted child for his enior year. He turns 18 next month. L is 16 and our oldest daughter. N is 13 and he is in 8th grade. K is our other daughter at 10 and 5th grade. C is our youngest at 6 and 1st grade.

I am in my final regular semester of college. I student teach in the Spring semester. Will I be good? What if I don’t like it is a few of the questions I have right now.


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    holly Says:

    I like the new digs

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